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Best way to Seal bags together (air seal) ? Answered


Well, I thought it be kinda fun to take a similar idea, but my question is, What's the best way to seal bags? The guy used many black plastic bags, never stated how it's connected. I've attempted box tape, but when i tape 2 bags together fresh from the box, and try inflating, the left/right sides leak just about every time, and cant always hold pressure. (Yes id like it to be able to hold some pressure!!) So, is tape really the best way to do that?


Well, I know heat sealing works for flat designs, like take 1 bag, make a design on it, and it inflates to that, but when your talking a tube, you'd think you just weld the whole think shut, instead of together to form a O instead if a _ Also, I know these days a lot of plastic welding is done by ultrasonic friction :P

To make a tube and prevent yourself sticking the sides together you just need to put something heatproof in the middle of the tube to stop the side you are joining from sticking to the other side.

Yeah but heat sealings a little closer to the DIY level, there's no reason you couldn't make a heat sealer with a hot wheel that allows you to make the shapes you want...