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Best way to make LEDs blink Answered

I'm looking to make an LED strip blink on a switch. wondering which way would be the best way build the circuit. Open to opinions, was looking at a 555 timer, dual transistor and relay circuits. Was thinking of using the relay or dual transistor for the circuit for simplicity and size, am going to use it to make multiple led strips light up. A few strips must blink while the others can just stay on. Here is the battery and  lights I'm going to be using. What would be the best for the most power efficient and consistent "tick". 




555 but you may need to have a driver transistor to supply the current

A flashing LED in series.

An Astable - google for circuits.

Awesome! thank you for the quick reply, the more i looked into it the more a 555 timer seemed to make sense. Still a complete noob with electronics and am excited to post my first inscrutable.

Hmmm, these LED strip controllers are often under 3 bucks on Ebay.
If you don't mind switching them seperately go for the controller switches unless you need something fancy...