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Beta uploader closes browser Answered

Using the beta image uploader to try and load 21 images at once, the progress bar showed that it was part-way through the second image and then the web browser closed down completely. Three times, each exactly the same. Working on an EeePC, using Firefox and Linux.


When I tried to upload via the new uploader (beat version) non of the pictures that I uploaded " showed up...

It just looks cool... :P


9 years ago

Kiteman, what version of Flash do you have? The new uploader is Flash-based and we have seen peculiar behavior with older Flash versions, but admittedly I have not heard of an actual browser crash before. We'll probably have to do a Flash version check once we sort out which versions it works with and which break it.

Er.. I'm not exactly sure - I've looked around the programme list and can't seem to find one called Flash. Could it be Asus' own software?

First, I got The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

Then I got a plain white page...

Ooh dear, sounds nasty (that link did work 2nd time for me) - Which machine are you using and what flavour internet have you got? L

I'm using a "701" - 4Gb "surf" model, running pre-installed FF.

The Eee PC - that's pretty new isn't it. Who's giving you the internets - I'm only really asking w/ref connectivity because you mentioned the connection. My FF sometimes does the "server was taking took long..." i.e. "FF couldn't be bothered trying a bit longer" - it seems to just give up or lose track of what it was supposed to be retrieving. Mind that is mobile broadband in a not too good reception area. L

We're on BT's ordinary wifi service.

...tries again...

It works!

Apparently I have version LNX 9,0,48,0.

BT eh - I assume they've obliged you into paying DD, by extortionate charges if you don't?
I'm glad it fixed it's self, I think my version of Flash was a 10-something, but if it works what difference does it make...


The price is OK, and (after asking around), BT seems to have the best service round here - it's not mega fast, but we don't watch much video or move huge files.

I only meant that they will charge you extra if you don't DD them, it's 5 quid a bill or something stupid like that...


You know, I have no idea - we use DD for all our bills because we are too forgetful to send monthly cheques.

Yes I'm something similar, I should really pay KMC their council tax before they send me a reminder... L

...and end up on an episode of that bailiff programme!

I've formally disconnected myself from TV. I might build myself a new aerial, but until then I'm "staying clean" L

It's a stand of "reality" programming - a camera crew follows a bunch of bailiffs around as they legally extort cash from all and sundry.

Thanks to Lithium, I now know I have version LNX 9,0,48,0

More knowledge, yet no greater wisdom...

Here's the scoop on Flash (the player): the adobe flash player is built into some browsers and can be downloaded as a plugin for others. It plays video and sound files, and runs internet applications like the uploader, which are kinda like desktop applications. Just like some desktop apps, flash is regularly released in new versions, and sometimes if you use new apps with an old version of flash there are conflicts, and things go boom. That's why you should make sure to keep it updated.

I believe he upgraded the Flash player recently to fix another problem. That being the case it would be a 2009 release. I'm fairly sure that I had to switch back to the old uploader for a recent multi-image load, but I didn't see it take out FF. L

Did you try some other images? (as in was it the one image breaking it) I have had it stall on me several times after completing the first image, at this point i have to close and reopen my window to get the uploader working again. I have not had this problem since i updated to the safari 4 beta though.

Why don't you try adding the images in groups of four or five, like I do. It takes a bit longer, but you can look at stuff on the internet while you wait for them to upload.

That's not the point - the beta uploader is intended for loading large batches at once. And it was always the second image it balked on anyway.

I managed without (my latest project is here ), but it would have been nice if the uploader had done as it intended.