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Bicycle Music Answered

I ride in the San Jose Bike Party.  One of the things that I like is the music. People with all sorts of boom boxes, dj systems, and lighting mounted all over their bikes or trailers.  I would like to build something like that and I am checking out the many interesting projects listed here.  I am wondering though, is it possible to speed the music up or down to match the bike speed, maybe with a magnet on the wheel and a sensor on the frame?  I don't know if it would be a good idea, but the thought of a dirge when we are slow and chipmunks when we are fast is just funny to me.


Thanks for the comments. 
I was thinking of a speed control that would match the speed of a cd player to match the speed of the bike wheel. 
That is assuming that cd players reacted to speed changes the same way record players do.

The electronics will not "read" any faster (as far as I know) but at faster spin speeds, it will "skip" parts of the recording.

Well darn, that kills my idea. I wonder if there is a way to speed up or slow down the playback of MP3's?

Another thing I forgot to mention:  since CD and DVD players are run on stepper motors, to speed them up, you would have to increase the "pulses" it is getting (I am not even sure that would work), or use a pulse width modulator.

There are "resampling" programs out there, but that is NOT what you want, since it would still play back at a fixed speed (whatever the sample had taken).

I don't know at this point.  Sorry.

IF you mean speed it up without it sounding like the Chipmunks....then you would need some really complicated audio circuits.

If you don't mind the higher pitch,  as Lemonie says, using an analog media is the easiest (many tape players have a fast or slow record/playback controller on them for extending the amount one can record on a tape). 

Otherwise, you'll have to look for something like Zieak wrote of.


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8 years ago

High end DJ CD players often have a pitch control.  I think mine will shift up and down 12%.

That's an interesting idea, you'd really want to be playing vinyl (but, obvious problems there...) - tape perhaps? It would be hard, but if you could take the motor out of a tape-deck and belt-drive the thing to the drive-chain that's possibly a workable option.


That might take some fancy electronics to pitch shift the music.  But hey, it would sound good if it auto-tuned it.

Maybe you should try the "Leslie effect" found on organs.  It creates a more intense complex warbling as you go faster.  You could hook up speakers and horn elements that direct the sound away from the center.  As the wheel turns faster with the horns mounted on them, the effect gets greater.  Good luck.