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Bicycle-generated Power Answered

I want to make an attachment for my bike that generates and stores power when I ride it. I'm thinking of using and old car's alternator, but I don't know much about electricity, so I'm asking for help. Also, how can I store the power? In a battery? I'm planning on hooking up a plug outlet, which might be removable to save space. Thanks!

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jaredsalzano (author)2009-04-23

I was worried about size too. What size battery do you think will store enough power for a plug outlet?

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lemonie (author)2009-04-23

The car alternator is big and heavy, and designed to charge a car battery which is also big and heavy. If you could fit both and cope with the weight, you might be able to gear this in as an electric brake, switching in on when you were going downhill or stopping. If you want something lighter that produces less power, some smaller DC motor and a smaller rechargeable battery would be the sort of thing.

Have a look at these and see if they're any use for ideas?


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