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Bicycle security! Answered

hey hey, so the other day i came up with a way that i thought might work well for a bicycle security...thing. anyways, since just about all bikes are made of metal, except the carbon ones, and metal conducts electricity, what if you had some way of making your bike, electrically charged? i guess (i dont know all the proper words heh) so if a person comes up to your bike and wants to take it, at some point in the process of taking your bike, he would come in contact with some metal part and get shocked.

i thought if you made it properly, and made the shock strong enough, it would be a great way to keep your bike safe...cause i know if i went to take someones bike, and all of a sudden i get zapped all of a sudden every time i touch the bike, i would not want that bike!

i figured you'd need some batteries with enough voltage to give him a good shock, enough to make him not want to take the bike, but not so much that you would kill him...that obviously would not be good.  but i'd imagine that more powerful batteries might be to big, and not fit anywhere on your bike. i thought that maybe you could hide everything in the seat tube after you take the seat post out, and maybe have a hidden switch somewhere on the bike so you could turn it off.

im sure there's more issues i havent thought over, just an idea, and im far from an electrical expert, so i dont know how rubber shoes might ground the person, or how you would go about wiring it, and other stuff like that. i just wanted to see what some people here thought about it, and if it is even possible for me to do


As an add-on for the GPS tracking thing, maybe you could use some phones. It's less costly than GPS (get the 2nd hand ones that are outdated and only have a single color) and relatively simple. For example, when the bicycle wheel starts turning, a cam on the wheel (or some other gears) will press on a pin which will press a button on a phone causing it to call you. You can then either rig the phone to go on loudspeaker or literally connect it to insanely powerful speakers. Anyway, you can keep talking like a drill sergeant to the thief to the point that the guy gets so weirded out he abandons the bike, or you can listen in to the sound of the surroundings to get a feel of how the environment could be like. For example, lots and lots of horns tell you that the bike is currently in a traffic jam or in an area where road rage is known to lurk, so now you can narrow it down. Maybe you can hear some birds, indicative of a park area. Maybe you can even hear the thieve's voice and use it to identify the suspect. It can even be used in a legal case! Plus, It's so darn simple I can rig my bike right now, but then I don't have enough money to get another phone now do I?

As awesome as that'd be and as much as I personally agree with the vengeful nature of the solution you propose, there are laws against booby traps (in the US at least) and the thief could potentially sue you for a lot of money if they got zapped.

Basically: create at your own financial risk.

dam...your right haha. i defiantly don't want to get sued. thanks for pointing that out

heh actually i was thinking of similar devious plots and decided to check legality a while back . . .i'm sure i was just as bummed as you are now :D

haha yeah, it's all good though, i don't lock up my bike too often anyways.
i like that gps idea though, i'd be a bit of a challenge for me, not totally sure how to work with all that stuff. maybe in the future though i might just look into making something like that heh

You could go for something more passive and rig an accelerometer and some form of gps into it and have the bike alert you when it's been moved without your knowledge and track itself.