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Big Dog Answered

Check out Big Dog 2.0. Designed by Boston Dynamics, funded by Darpa, and coming soon to a peace protest near you (of course only after its been equipped with tear gas, rubber bullets, and cattle prods).

Big Dog



I've seen that before...it creeps me out

I think that its eerie because it's surreal, and yet real at the same time. It appears that they are following the biomimicry movement, which means that the robot has a very life-like gait. However, since we know it's really a robot, and yet it looks so natural, it freaks us out.

It was really weird whenever it stumbled...it looked just like a human recovering from a fall, albeit a four-legged human. Yeah, it creeps me out, too.

Yeah, it almost looks like to guys carrying an odd looking cover, at times, doesn't it ? Of course they would have to be facing in opposite directions LOL

i have always wanted to make a robot.


10 years ago

Thats amazing, did you make that?

No... Like I said Boston Dynamics, with a DARPA budget, made it.

reminded me more of an insect than a dog. Very interesting....

That is so cool!!