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Bike generator Answered

Any ideas on how to make a electricity from old bike to help cut down on electric bill similiar to a solar panel? I know this has been done before. Email me at hoverrusa@gmail.com



9 years ago

Most people will be able to produce a sustained 150-250W of power with moderate effort. Is that enough for your needs?

will that help knock the electric bill down? :)

you need generator or dc motor (dc motors can be run as generators) you may get dc devices at car service centers afaik a dc motor can output about the same watts as it takes as motor - if you spin it in the same rpm

yeah. any instructables on it. or websites that sell complete kits?

you can adapt everything else that uses a generator - like wind turbine projects

. Try plugging your topic title into the search box.

eh found some stuff but nothing what i am looking for.