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Bike size problem. Answered

  Just got a new bike and size seemed fine until I got it home and tried it out for real.  I cannot stop and get off the bike without huring myself on the crossbar.  I am a 51 year old woman who hasn't been on a bike for several years.  I don't remember women's bikes having such high cross bars when I had a bike before.  Now all ladies bikes seem to have high cross bars.  Has anyone any suggestions on what I should do to resolve my problem?


have you tried lowering the seat and rising the handle bars?

a city bike is one with the low crossbar and smooth ride it seems you have gotten a mountain bike or road bike

You need to look for a "city bike".  It's a cross between a ladies bike and a men's bike.  The bar is higher for strength but lower than usual.  Even in the men's bike it is low enough that I with short legs can stand at a stop light easy enough.  My wife rides the same kind but a size smaller.  The wheels are the same size but the frame is 2" shorter.

We bought at a bikes shop.  They picked out the size they thought we needed and send us out on a ride thru the parking lot.  We bought them and they sent us of saying "if they don't fit you bring them back and we'll exchange".  They were right with us.

Take it back to where ever you got it and get one that fits.  It's dangerous to ride a bike that is too tall.  If you can't get you feet on the ground in an emergency you can control yourself on that bike.  Did I say it's dangerous to ride a bike that is too tall?

Good luck.

If you bought it new from a real bicycle shop, (not online, or catalogue store), they generally will let you return it for a bike with a  smaller sized frame, especially if you upgrade a little bit..
I used to work in one and if someone came back within a week with a non-scratched bike, we would happily  exchange it.
I don't know what kind of bike you bought but mountain bikes generally have lower crossbars.

Good Luck.


8 years ago

Check around for a used one, classified ads, yard sales, Craig's list etc. Find an older one of a good brand and have it tuned up. A bike with a good frame can be fixed up to near new quality with some replacement parts and a little spray paint.
If you can't do it and don't  know someone who can, most bicycle shops will do it for a fee.