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BioFuel: fuel cells of lesser god? Answered

I was just reading one of the biochemistry articles I have, and noticed that urea, the main componant of urine, has an extra, and not so tightly bound hydrogen atom attached to it.  

I am thinking renewable fuel cell fuel here, but other then smell, are there any other draw backs to using this?  I mean, I realize the salt content may or may not be a bit hard on metal parts etc. ..  Feed back welcome !


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6 years ago

NPR scientist said they make Oxygen and Hydrogen for lab experiments.
No more ice crystals passing by the down camera.

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:-) Ah well, the good ole days, eh? LOL

You know how you have a great idea, all your own, and then find out somebody beat you to it?

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Oh I doubted that I was the first to come up with it, I just hadn't had time to research it and see if anyone had. Thanks for that. I also today got my WIRED mag, and there is a blurb in there about this very use..... :-) tis the curse of not having a "school-style" education, but picking things up as you go.....we are normally LATE with great ideas....