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Biological hackerspace in NYC Answered

Yay! There's finally a hackerspace dedicated to biotech research...in New York City. I'm kind of sad I can't drop by to visit any time soon, but I hope (fingers crossed) I can get the ever so popular caitlinsdad to go and report on it.
There's even a promising $12 usb microscope (with 170x magnification) project going on!

(Photo: Dave Mosher of Wired.com)

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caitlinsdad (author)2010-12-18

Some real-estate agent did the writeups, "bedroom sized space...this is not what a meth-lab should look like...$100 month membership fee..." Besides, the undisputed biological hackerspace in NYC is your subway car, you can cram about 500 people in one and conduct all kinds of experiments.

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