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Bird Hunting Help Answered

So I've been hunting small birds with a really nice skewer gun I've made recently, It's fairly accurate and there's plenty of birds around, but I need help learning how to get close enough to shoot, what time of day is best to go any tips you've got. Also if anyone has a good Instructable for making a bird snare that would help allot to. The birds I'm hunting could fit easily in a 1 by 1 foot box so that size and smaller is what I'm dealing with. BTW this i my first post.


Welcome, danster. Can I ask why you're hunting the birds? For food? Or just fun?

if you use a pellet gun/ air rifle dont use the lead bullets to kill birds if your going to eat them use the PBA ammo

well so is snaring, but really if u live in the uk u shouldn't be hunting any way.

? Oh, it's fox-hunting that's illegal, and there are loop-holes in that law.

Actualy, I have no problem with hunting, as long as it is with the aim of eating the quarry (or passing it to somebody else who'll eat it), and as long as the kill is performed as humanely as possible.

(Which rules out fox-hunting, which is done purely for sport and kills it's target with a combination of blind terror and being ripped limb-from-limb by a pack of dogs.)

. As a fellow carnivore, I don't have a problem with hunting for food, but, like Kiteman, I don't like "sport" hunting. If the kill is not humane, it doesn't matter what the reason is, it ain't right. I have a hard time believing a 13 yo with a "really nice skewer gun" can effect a quick, clean, humane kill. And I have strong doubts that he will be eating what he kills.

I hunt on a regular basis. Waterfoul, deer, rabbit, squirrel, etc. This skewer gun sounds a bit unsportsmanlike. If you need the birds for food, get a pellet rifle. If you just like "killin'stuff" please get some professional help.

same here i have a gamo bigcat air rifle and it is great for killing birds to eat or killing crows i shoot crows all the time because there eating our plants in the garden if your in UK is it illigel to kill birds if they do that P.S. im from the US

I use to hunt a lot and I loved it except I always got a lump in my throat when I made a kill. Later on someone gave me a bird identification guide. It sat on the shelf for a while until an unusual bird landed in a tree near my house. I grabbed the book an identified the bird as a yellow shafted flicker. I was amused, so I bought a pair of binoculars and put up a feeder. It was not long before I could identify a dozen species or so. Soon I was viewing my back yard more than the TV! Then I started venturing into the wild to find new species and discovered that birding satisfied my hunting instinct and I did not have to kill anything, or carry all the heavy guns. It was actual being outdoors that I really enjoyed not making a kill. Birding goes well with any outdoor activity where it is hiking, canoeing, camping, or just sitting on the back deck. Now I can identify several species by sound. To me birding is the ultimate outdoor activity, even when I am at a jobsite eating lunch in my truck, I park near some brush or some trees to see what is there. Some of my redneck associates think I am a nuts, but screw them, they are a bunch of morons and I am having much more fun. One guy came up to me the other day and said he saw a pileated wood pecker in his back yard. He was excited, I think my interest is rubbing off! I have had a thousand times more fun birding than ever I did hunting, so give it a try. I had a yellow billed cuckoo in my yard this morning, did not see it but identified it by ear. LannyPlans

It's illegal to hunt most songbirds anyway. I usually take binoculars with me hunting and spend 80% of my time watching wildlife that I'd never drop the hammer on anyway. We live near the place where they seem to have spotted the Ivory Bill a couple of years ago, so the Pileated woodpeckers always get me excited too, until I fully ID them.

70s flashback alert

Right on, brother!

My dad has been a birder, well, forever, but I've only been really getting into it for a few months (my parents bought me some very nice binoculars for my 40th), now I'm a member of the RSPB, and becoming a regular at a couple of local reserves (especially Minsmere, the RSPB's flagship reserve).

A lot of birders seem to ignore common species, but I enjoy watching a chaffinch as much as a chiffchaff. Just yesterday, I spent time standing on my front doorstep, watching a female blackbird scolding a jackdaw that had decided to perch on the chimney containing the blackbird's nest. I wish I'd had batteries in my camera, she was in a text-book pose.

That reminds me, I'm free this weekend, I wonder if there's anything on at Minsmere...

Kiteman, you are a genius! an Instructable contest for our feathered friends, bird feeders, bird houses, how to attract birds to your back yard, how to attract different species to your property, how to identify birds by ear, water features for birds, suit receipts for birds, how to photograph birds, how to hand feed birds. This could be a very good contest that a lot of people from a cross section of interest could participate in. way to go! LannyPlans

All you need to do is PM Eric or Canida.

Ok well its not exactly a snare, but it will make catching bird very easily. I got this from a SAS survival handbook. You need to boil holly leaves until they form a paste. After this paste is formed you need to apply it to a branch of a tree (where the birds typically land). The birds will land on the pasted brach and become stuck. now you can pop them with your skewer gun or just catch them. Also to catch sea gulls tie a piece of bait to a long string with a small rock attached to the bait. Then throw the bait up in the air around the sea gulls. They will catch the bait in the mouths and swallow it. The rock will cause the bird to lose its balance and fall to the ground were you can kill it.

Both of those activities are illegal in the UK. The sticky-branch is especially so, because it catches all species of bird indiscriminately, even when you're not there, and they end up starving to death on the branch.

As with any trap left alone long enough. But the paste probably dries up within a few days(I'm guessing)or gets washed off by rain easily, so there's a low chance of starvation. I do think that killing the bird after you trap it is inhumane, unless you eat it. Throwing small pebbles at birds will probably stun them for a bit, enough to catch them, but won't do any real damage.

. Boiling down plant matter usually gets rid of most of the components that dry out or wash off, so one is left with a "tarry" substance. Not certain this holds true for holly leaves, but it probably does (so I'm just guessing, too heehee). . As you point out, a well-tended trap will not cause an animal to suffer. And a responsible hunter would remove the "goo" when abandoning the trap. . > inhumane, unless you eat it . I agree. . > Throwing small pebbles at birds ... won't do any real damage. . hmmmm Even if I accept that as true (guess it depends on how you define "real damage"), why cause the animal any more distress than necessary? I'm no expert on catching birds (or any other animal), so I can't offer any alternative methods, but I have to believe there are better ways to do it than stunning them with a rock. . Maybe I just don't understand birds. I've been accused of being cruel for using a training collar with my dogs.

I don't consider training collars(electric or spike) inhumane if used responsibly. The dog itself controls the level of pain it receives.

. I use a choke chain. It's amazing how many ppl don't understand that if the dog doesn't pull, it's no more uncomfortable than a belt-style collar. I have one dog that only wears a collar (of any sort) when we go to the vet, but I feel I need a training collar on the other one to effectively control her around other dogs (she loves ppl, but is rather aggressive toward other dogs).

i used choke-chain with my dog when i was training her, and its true the dogs dont care that its a chain it just feels normal but when they do something bad they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation so they remember and dont do it again, people over-react because the chain looks mean and nasty but really its just like a normal collar to the dog


One problem with choke chains though is that they can get caught on things/in things pretty easily. When we only had a choke chain for my dog he got it stuck in the porch so we don't use one anymore. Then again, we don't need to train him or anything anymore and we rarely take him places where there are other dogs....

when my dog wore a chain it was used at the same time as a normal collar and she only ever had it around her neck when there was somebody holding the other end, that way it never got caught on anything

just watch the friggin birds , theres no point in killing them and then throwing away there dead bodies, how do u know its not a mother bird with 5 little baby birds starving to death or being eaten alive because their mothers not there to save them, a skewer may just badly injure the bird and cause a slow painful death. just shoot targets like a tin can and watch the birds being alive !!!


Why would you hunt birds? Like, what are you going to do with a dead bird? Seriously, you might want to stop and think about your impulses before you actually go through with them.

well, I would be careful because there are probably hefty fines for capturing/killing songbirds in the UK. you can make a pyramid by laying 2 foot long sticks a foot apart from eachother parallel , lay 2 more sticks on top at the ends so it makes a square and repeat with increasingly smaller sticks so you have a pyramid with gaps in the walls, glue it together(at the joints), prop it up on a stick with a string, put some bait inside, pull when the bird goes in.

bah animal loving hippies. No I like animals but I like catching animals more. The skewer gun is designed to knock the bird to the ground, it des no permanent damage (I dont sharpen them) and it works to. And the snares I use now are live snares so just chill you guys. Jez you squish a bug nowadays and the navy seals point a rocket launcher at your head. "It's time to be terminated you bug hating freak! Astala vista babe" Anyway I've figured out how to do all thi so your help is no longer needed. Thanks Krispykr33m for being the only on who actually replied to the post the right way.

Hmm, if animal loving is the insult, then you are saying you are an animal hater? I suggest finding another planet to inhabit then; Mars is available.

. ROFLMAO . > animal loving hippies . I can't speak for the rest, but that sums me up pretty well (I came of age in the mid-70's, so I just caught the tail end of the Hippie Movement). If that was supposed to be an insult, it failed miserably. . . If you had taken the time to actually read the comments, you would have seen that none of the respondents (myself, the ALH, included) have a problem with responsible hunting. . The way your OP is worded, I think it is perfectly reasonable to interpret it as you using a very crude (and inhumane in all but the most expert hands) weapon to make your kill. If you want better answers, ask better questions.