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Blade Tip Power System for wind energy... Answered

I'm looking at adding a not too obtrusive wind generator to a house I just bought. One of the best I have come across is the honeywell BTPS (Blade Tip Power System) - it isn't as sleek looking as a lot of the turbines I am looking at, but it seems like a good concept to me. http://www.earthtronics.com/honeywell.aspx

I can't believe that this company is the first to come up with the concept; has anyone here seen any other similar systems, designed to run in the lower speeds/altitudes common in a smaller residential setup, but generating decent power?


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The string "earthtronics" immediately triggered my "uh-oh" circuit. Not explaining why they're using the Honeywell name, and pretty pictures not showing a real turbine reassured me that it wasn't a completely false-alarm.
If you can find an independent review of this system (all links lead back to the earthtronics) see what that says. Otherwise, something that looks good is no more than that.


I am not yet completely sold; however I have seen some independent reviews, and on youtube there is footage of their windmill reviewed at various public venues ('green' fairs ad whatnot) in addition to their commercials. Actually even in the search string you provided the 4th and latter links are to 3rd party sites; none with any significant reports that I have seen though... but I am assured it is no fly-by-night scam. It just leaves the question as to if this really is as good as they say. Ace Hardware stores will be carrying it here in America, perhaps the 3rd or 4th largest nationwide chain of home improvement stores... so not exactly a nobody store. Anyway, still looking for input from anyone who may have any experience with this or any other similar systems. I hope it is as good as it promises!

It's the "really is as good as they say" bit I'm thinking of. Throwing Honeywell around without justification looks so like irrelevant puff. The links illustrate that Honeywell aren't actively putting their name to this, but: greentechmedia.com looks like a pick off the site (7 instances of the word "could") peswiki.com - see comments on that article They're all picking stuff that's on earthtronics, as no one (else) seems to have tested one, yet. L

There is a fairly unbiased (seeming) report at <a href="http://cleantech.com/news/4561/earthtronics-snags-honeywell-name">cleantech.com/news/4561/earthtronics-snags-honeywell-name</a> - it mentions that earthtronics has licensed the honeywell name for this product. I did some more digging, and it seems to me that honeywell didn't just sell their name, but have reviewed and approved this design.<br /><br />Regardless of that, however, I am interested in the unit itself. I don't recall anything specific about other products using a similar 'blade tip' system, but I find it difficult to believe that earthtronics is the first/only one to do so.<br /><br />Is anyone familiar with this concept? What about as a DIY unit...it would seem to be a little more involved but also much simpler to create something along this line instead of a traditional windmill, wouldn't it?<br />

That's some good digging. I'm not sure about the DIY - it's hard to find out how the thing works...


It would appear to me, they simply have a free-spinning blade (so it spins easily and kicks in at lower rpm) with magnets on every other or every 3rd blade tip; then in the hub around the blades they have the wire coils of a generator... I'd assume that all the other electronics and whatnot required would be either in the hub, or in the base of that hub.

All in all, it looks like a very basic electric generator concept, using wind to power the spinning of the magnets.

"Blade tip" - there's something in the design that they're not showing us. Another factor is maintenance / servicing. If you need 20 years on this how much might you spend on "repairs"? Purchase cost is one thing, but what's a 20 year service-contract?

I'm a bit "iffy" on this because it has the look of a lot of other "sell you something" sites, and to be honest, I'm giving you a sceptical view in order that you have some balance on your descision. It might be a top-machine but as no one else has commented so far. I'm the guy who says "it might not be what the vendor claims".

Balance. You know what's right for you, I have no affiliation with the devil, but I may be his advocate on this.


Oh, I don't mind tohe alternative perspective, or someone playing 'devil's advocate' as it were; I appreciate it in fact. Allows me the chance to stop and think twice and do more research.