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Bloody Rhymes Answered

these are all these rhymes i made up at school when I was bored.



8 years ago


just something the evil me did...

I wrote this once, it's not my best, but most of the stuff I write is quite...personal. So I'll show you this:

We, the people of the nation
All part of the plan: the master formation
Of those who dictate us since society began
We are the bricks in the wall of the master plan

We never see what we are: just know our place
In this farcical so called "Human Race"
Like robots we obey every word
Of the higher powers: how absurd!

We are in the system, the master plan
Nobody knows except those in the clan
The clan we call our government
The ones with minds so incredibly blunt

What are the laws? What are the hours?
With which we obey from the higher powers?
9 til 5? Everyday
Work like clockwork as our brains decay

Can't we see the bigger pictures?
The thing right before us: right in life's scriptures?
Of course we can, but never see
The dictators who never let us be

Bricks in the wall. Figures on the chess board
Irrelevant, pointless: completely ignored
Will people ever know the name "******* Lowne"?
No, the system will make sure I drown

Because society is the bane of sanity
Controlling, our minds; thoughts: humanity
The plan that dictates us, day in and day out
So I say everybody, please, jump up and shout:

"We will not be, we will not be bricks in the wall,
The pawns of the powers, the fighters in the brawl,
The robots of the leaders, governors, kings
Controlling, manipulating us with strings"

"We won't have any strings to hold us down,
Jump up, do what we want, be a clown
Because society surely is just that:
The master plan, the fat cat."

So I say to you all when you go to work or school
To look around at the other bricks that fuel
The legions of leaders, the grand master plan T
he unbreakable system, the converted scam

Break free from the ranks, stick two fingers up high
Up to the powers, I dare you to try
Beating the system, prising out from the wall
Unlawful robot, dysfunctional tool

See what they'll do, they'll lock you away
With the rest of the pitiful, desperate prey
That the masters disliked for exposing their clan
Of the unbreakable, indestructible, grand master plan. 

As you can see, I starred out my name (*) lol :-D

You're a pretty good poet. 

 Your welcome. 

By the way, is this something you do as a hobby, or did you just happen to write this poem?

 I see...
So you must be a natural.

Lol i did use a ryhming dictionary, so it was made a tad easier XD

They make life so much easier.

wowz, thats pretty good. do you usually do stuff like this?

Sometimes lol. Listening to Eminem is surprisingly useful when writing poetry XD

well you could steal his rhymes and replace the words.
how old where you when you wrote that? im not a stalker its just it sounds like it was written by a  wise old man.

I'm under 16 I'll say that, and no, nothing from here was stolen, lol, read every eminem/linkin park lyric if you want XD

 hmm. i posted all this into google, and it came up with a well known poet.

Eh? Show me, it would be interested as all of these were written by me. When you say you posted them in google, did you cut and paste the entire poem? If you don't think I wrote them, gimme a topic and I'll write a poem about it (try not to make it something stupid like...llamas eating mouldy cheese, try and make it broad)

Here's one:

We’re the ones who made you


Look at you up there, king of the hill

Money, fame, power, what a thrill!

But you say no to signings, shove away fans

"The Common people and their pathetic plans"


But never at all even think to forget

That you are forever in our debt

Because most of you superstars are unaware

That we're the ones that got you there


We're the ones that bought your stuff,

Praised you, promoted you well enough

We're the ones who bought your songs,

The albums, calenders: all these wrongs


All these wrongs, because you threw it back

Back in our faces the twisted attack

And don't deny this, you know it's true

We're the ones who made you you.


So don't say no when we ask for a signing

And answer mail with golden lining

Respect us like we respected you

Because we deserve our values too


You're not above us! We're above you!

Without us who would you be? WHO!

That's right, a no-one, just like us

Common: buying discounts, using the bus


So I say once more, never ever forget

That you are forever in our debt

Because most of you superstars are unaware

That we're the ones that got you there


And correct these errors set them back

Stop this relentless, twisted attack

Respect us, because you know it's true

That we're the ones who made you you.

Sounds like something Linkin Park would sing, it sounds like an awesome song!

Bloody Rhymes Jack and Jill Jack and jill went to iraq to fetch some bombs and guns Jill blew up so jack decided iraq wasn’t that fun Jack went to america, and got some rum instead, And started smoking and drinking,until the rum caught and blew up his head. Humpty Dumpty Humpty dumpty sat on a building, With a big bad gun and started killing All the little girls and boys Who ate the eggs and broke their toys But humpty dumpty slipped and fell And his brains and guts came out of his shell. And all the swat teams and handymen, Couldn’t eat another egg again Knick knack bloodyWACK! This stupid guy, was very shy He couldn’t sing a nice lullaby So with knick knack paddywack chic chic BAM! The carcass was no longer a man. Little Bo peep Little Bo Peep shot a sheep Just to see it die then dropped the gun on the ground with a thud BANG sound and blew her brains into the sky. Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle twinkle lots of brains I love the taste of your membrane Shining up my nose you’ll see, lots of tasty green bogeys, twinkle twinkle dead meat sliver when fried you taste like raw liver give credit if you use my rhymes please.

 that would have been true last year.
personal reference.

If they were metered properly, they may be a bit better :-)

 agreed! very well said!  But they are still pretty good!

When you have a metered rhyme It has a pace you see. The emphasis on beat and time They come so easily. ;-)

sry the hunpty dumpty and knickknackbloodyWack got put together accidentally