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Blue-ish tint to my projector? Answered

I recently bought a digital lcd data projector from garage sale , i saw the projected image before buying and was happy with it , but alas once getting it home and setting it up the image now has a blue tint it.

the projector model is,  Sony VPL-351QM  lcd data projector .
i think it was made in about 1994 , and it weighs about 25 kgs, to be honest when i saw it i thought it was some sort of old digital cinema projector, like they use for the Ad's before a film.

any help would be much appreciated.



2 years ago

Check the pins on your connector and that it is plugged in all the way. Mine did that and it was cocked to the side and only half plugged in. You may need a new cord.

Moving the unit has gotten one of the lamps out of focus, or damaged so it is not putting out the proper amount of light for color balance.

.  Hmmmm   If this guy can't fix the problem, I don't have high hopes for you. ;)

.  I couldn't find a free manual online, but there should be a way to adjust the relative brightness of each gun (red, green, and blue). Turn down the blue a little bit at a time until it looks about right. The color of the wall that you project onto will affect that apparent color, also.