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Bluetooth finger print reader Answered

I need a design (better yet an operating) hand held, battery operated bluetooth enabled finger print reader. That is, the bluetooth enabled finger print reader would store one finger print and then compare the person usign the reader to the print stored. If the prints matched it woudl send out an approval code. I am sure someone out there could make one. How can I contact that person? 


try ebay or amazon

Did you try Ebay, the computer store, Amazon or old laptops already?
You do realise that you can actually buy fingerprint-, palm-, and retina-scanners?

Thank you for getting back with me. I need a finger print reader a person can hold in their hand with out being attached to anything, kind of like a TV remote only smaller. I have not seen anything like this out there.

With that you might be pretty much alone out there as it seems there is no ready to use product.
Biometrics are usually used to provide a secure way of accessing something.
Adding a wireless connection to this makes the whole thing very unsecure as any communication over the air can be listened to.
To make such a gimmick work you need ANY good fingerprint reader that offers a way of serial communication.
Most use USB these days but pure serial ones do exist out there.
In some cases you might even be able to hack a USB one and to replace the actual USB part with a module to allow wireless communication.
Biggest problem is processing and safety.
Most scanners only read a print but the actual processing and recognition is done through the driver and OS/software.
Find a scanner that can be used on the processing platform you know - Arduino, Raspberry, Android, Linux, Windows....
Find a way to make it into an embedded system small enough for your needs.
Do the coding and be happy.
Three steps that could take a pro several weeks, good luck!

Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. I think this is outside of my skill set. I really need to find that pro you mentioned who could do this for me, for a price of course. Any suggetsions?