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Bluetooth speaker running on batterys? Answered

Well today i managed to hook up 2 9v batterys to a bluetooth speaker i had laying unused. Basically now its portable and it works. But as some people probably already guessed, the batterys dont last very long at all. About 30 minutes continuous playback so far and ive had to reduce the volume significantly.

Basically, can anyone suggest a better source of power? The speaker accepts 9v 2a DC which is normally supplied by mains.

My batterys give 9v 1.5(ish)A DC,  Connected in parallel

Link to speaker http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/3383673/Intempo-Stereo-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker/Product.html


I would recommend that you also get a battery holder big enough for 6 c cells that would make it easier for you.

Well you could use some larger capacity cells like C 6 of them in series would make up the 9v required and much longer.

I shall give that ago tomorrow and see how it goes. cheers. Im not good with batterys hence why i chose 9v ones :P