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Bohemian Rhapsody fancy dress outfit. Answered

Hi All,

I'm going on a stag do in August. the theme is freddie mercury (lead singer from Queen). I want to recreate the shot in the Bohemian Rhapsody video where its just the 4 heads all lit from below. I will be Freddie Mercury, I will print off the other faces and stick them to card, I just need a mechanism where by the 3 other faces are suspended around me, preferably on arms of some kind that are retractable and spring into place at the pull of a cord.
Not sure how practical this is, just seeing if anyone has any ideas.

thanks in advance.



6 years ago

A small correction on the comment--the light is above, not below the faces.

Note the shadows below the noses, and the characteristic "raccoon eyes" of a light source nearly vertically above. A "point source" effect with no fill light, maybe printed on high contrast paper.

Good point gmoon.


6 years ago

OK I've got a design, bit's of wood, string and a cardboard tube. Hopefully will end up better than it sounds. Pictures to follow......

If you don't come up with a mechanism that works, how about just printing the image onto a poster board and make it into what looks like an oversized mask for a masquerade ball (you know the ones with the handles?) Then when you want to reveal your "Bohemian Rhapsody" side, you merely bring the mask up to your face. Shouldn't be too hard to do, and you could cut out a portion for eyes. That way you could keep the integrity of the entire image, and just dress yourself as the alter-Freddie Mercury...

Sounds like a very cool idea.

Maybe all on piano wire? Bend them round the back of your head, held in place by a pin or clip. Pull a string, the clip releases, and they all spring out?

Thanks for the reply Kiteman, I thought it would be a bit different to the 1 freddie Mercury outfit that you can buy from the fancy dress shops.

I was thinking of going to a pound shop, buying some of the items shown in the attached images, taking them apart and reusing them in some way. But not sure how it's going to attach to my body.

I think I'm going to end up running with the herd and buying that outfit from the fancy dress shop! lol

Thanks again.


If I was doing this, I might consider wearing two belts, one at waist height as usual, one further up.

These would support a vertical riser of some description (PVC pipe? Timber?) that reaches about as high as the back of my neck.

Holes drilled into that riser would support the lower ends of the piano wire I mentioned earlier.

It would look really horrible, so I would consider painting the riser black, wearing it inside a cheap black roll-neck jumper, and poking out of a hole cut at about shoulder-blade level.