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Book for learning Spanish Answered

I've always wanted to learn Spanish, or some other language, but especially Spanish because when I took Mexico in Grade 2, I found that the language was super similar to English, and would be easy to learn.

But I don't know where to start. I want to use a book, not a website because I don't want to be on the computer any more than I already am (which is already most of the day), and reading for hours in front of my desktop PC is not fun. I don't know which book to get though. I would like one on the Mexican variant though. There's a Mexican variant, right? I mean, they are on opposite sides of the planet, there's got to be some variation.

The thing is, everybody in my family is going to say "ooohhh you're learning Spanish!" and then they're all going to tell me to say something like Antonio Banderas, and they're going to keep bothering and making fun of me because I'm supposedly smart because I'm always thinking and making stuff and doing stuff like this and it's NEVER GOING TO END.

So I don't know if I'm actually going to get the book. Probably not, but I still want to know what to get.



La letra es bastante mala, pero para aprender español está bien. Eleven se dice "once", por cierto. Si vas a mecanografiar en español te faltará la ñ de España. No olvides que hay que marcar más la r hasta hacer vibrar la lengua.

Sorry, dial-up. Can't watch YouTube videos.

If your school offers the class I would suggest that. I already know how to ask someone what their name is in Spanish :D But if it doesn't or you can't take the class you should try the library. Libraries usually have quite a few books about other languages that you can learn from. It helps a lot if you can hear someone say the word too 'cause then you'll know how to pronounce the words correctly. I believe there's a difference between Spanish spoken in Mexico and Spanish spoken in Spain. One of my teachers last year was explaining it to us last year about some of that kind of stuff. Sorry I don't know the names of any books :(

I'm homeschooled, so that's not an option. About the library, I know there's a crapload of books I could use, but I'm looking for one good book, relatively new, that I can use.

Ohh that would make sense.