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Boot from usb..... Answered

Ok I have a server compaq proliant running UBUNTU ( and i love ubuntu but i need to boot into SLAX ) And I am trying to set my computer to boot from usb but it dosent have that option because the usb ports are pci cards. So my question is is there a floppy disk image or cd image that will tell bios to boot from the usb port ?



10 years ago

If USB isn't listed in the boot menu (actually, server? do they have boot menus...?) then it's not possible..... :-/

Yeah, its an option only on newer (about post-2001) computers. The USB-on-PCI is a tippoff.

No, I don't think would help.... as most BIOS updates usually don't change boot menus... :-/

Well In that case I will probably sell my server