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Boston Area Workshops/Classes Answered

 I want to let makers/creators in the Boston area know about a few upcoming workshops and classes at Willoughy and Baltic.

Intro to Welding-begins December 1st.
Woodshop Fundamentals-begins December 1st. 
Bicycle  Frame Welding-begins December 12 and 13th.
Classroom Arduino for Teachers-begins December 28th.
Mechatronic Art, Design and Fabrication-begins January 21st.
Directed Open Studio-begins January 20th.

For more information on these classes, please visit: willoughbybaltic.ning.com/page/classesworkshops-1

Willoughby and Baltic
13 Joy Street
Somerville, MA 02144


I'd love to if I was on the right continent - I could spend my birthday welding.