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Boxes in bigger boxes Answered

HELP! how do you know what the boxes in the bigg ones say?=


Lots O' peeps say some crap about a page source, but I ain't understandin it.

You may have to be a Pro member to have the Rich Editor option so you can view source if you wanted to. . .

No you don't need to be a pro to see a page source code... Any one on any site can see any part of the site code....

Ok, what I meant was the easy option of looking at only the code in the box (in the rich editor) is for Pro, IIRC.

The page source is what makes up the page... It's the pages programing code. So A basic webpage is this..

<html ><head ><title >Something.</title ></head >
<body >Something.</body >
</html >  

That is the code of the page of http://www.something.com/

Sometimes my boxes overlap a little, but I would never be so....um.....thoughtless of others as to hide a box inside another.

Over nine thousand!!!!


7 years ago

You could just look at the source code... Press Ctrl + U in your browser to look at the source code of the page... look for the right stuff and you'll see what the boxes say...

Or you could right click and inspect element if your using google chrome...

Hehehehe I know how.
The captions to the boxes from smallest to largest in this picture are:
"A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "MNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", "HOW?!?!?!?!?"


I do not know bow ,but I do wish to know.

Umm, I don't know what you mean... sorry.

"?" is right.

Its where the author of an instructable makes a comment box inside another comment box, so you cant read it. It annoying, thats why Knexgunner is wanting to figure out how to read them.

Ah! Understanding dawns!

Sorry, you can't. It's a matter of layers - if the bigger box was drawn first, and the smaller box second, then you would be able to read the smaller box. If the small one is drawn first, then the larger box will hide it.

Hehe, no you draw the little one first, then the big one over it!

Then you deserve a sharp poke.

Not if you dont have your mouse over it. You can see both boxes, but only access the larger of the two.

You might be able to use a right mouse click to create a bridge across the boxes!

You can read it in the source code or if your computer loads them up slowly then mouseover the smaller box right away and you can see it sometimes..


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You can't