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Brainstorming- Room Security in a Shared College House Answered

I'm soon to be moving into house with 3 total strangers. My door I know, will have a standard lock and key. If anyone there knows ha;f as much as I do, as I'm sure you all know as well, it would be not-so-hard to break in, if someone ever felt the need to do so. My question. What should I do to catch someone in this act? I want something that wouldn't be obvious upon entering the room,(wires etc.) and not obvious once they get in. I was thinking maybe something to trigger a photograph to be taken from a cheap. hidden digital camera, or something to trigger a webcam to start recording (perhaps multiple?) What I need from this, genius community (don't try to tell me you aren't, I've seen some of these projects.) Is firstly, more ideas, and secondly, possibe ways to impliment my previous ideas. thanks.


The simplest cheapest solution for intrusion detection (without photo capturing function) is to use transparent cellophane tape.. Cut a 3 inch strip.. cut a tear point at the middle of the strip.. stick it (somewhere hidden) on the outer side of your door+ doorframe when you get out of the room.. The tape will easily tear in 2 when anyone opens your door.. Just check the tape as soon as you return to see whether anyone has entered or not..

There are plenty of programs that will trigger a webcam to record when it detects movement. Check majorgeeks.com

. A good audible alarm, connected to the door, will do wonders. . A small video cam, linked to your computer and uploading off-site, will collect evidence. By the time the intruder notices the cam, it's too late.