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Breakout Boards for SMD parts? Answered

More and more electronics designs use SMD parts. I prefer to use Manhattan Style Construction to prototype circuits. However, I need to sometimes integrate an SMD part onto my circuit board, or breadboard. Some of these SMD ICs have a pin pitch of 0.5mm. Other SMD parts do not have any pins at all. I want to bring the pins out to header pads that have a spacing of 0.10 inch. Also, the headers should be spaced apart so they will fit across the gutter on a breadboard. Several Breakout boards should be able to fit in a board design sent to a fab shop. Is this something I will be able to do after finishing this class? TIA, Suzy (P.S. Please see added image.)

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-04-28

To keep things simple, I have chosen not to get into SMD parts in the lessons.

Nevertheless, it's simply a matter of choosing a surface mount footprint when selecting your component. You might need to change a thing or two when laying out your board like - perhaps - using thinner traces to connect to the chip if it is very small and the pads are very close together. For the most part it should be little different in process than working with a through-hole part.

Short answer, yes.

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