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Brighton Mini Maker Faire (UK) Answered

Brighton Mini Maker Faire is on again:
Saturday 8th September, at the Corn Exchange, Brighton

After a hectic, noisy, debut in 2011, we're back for more, in just a few weeks. We've got more makers, more workshops, more space, and possibly even more noise than last year. This year we're taking over the Corn Exchange, in the centre of Brighton, for a day of making, hacking, crafting, music-making, and more. There'll be flying quadcopters and fighting robots, 3D-printed dolls and interactive teapots, bizarre music machines, and – maybe inspired by the Olympic spirit – a fair few novel sports, from musical ping pong, to pedal-powered Scalextric.

And you'll be able to take part in workshops from the Science Museum (for kids) and Technology Will Save Us (for everyone), as well as learning new skills from makers and crafters like soldering, felting, copper-etching, jewellery-making, Kanzashi and mosaic-making. We'll even teach you how to weld in 5 minutes! We've also got some special speakers lined up for the afternoon, so you can hear from some of the UK's most renowned makers about their work.

And in the evening, we're hosting a Maker Faire After Dark party in the Dome Bar, which promises to be a great way to unwind after the day, meet other makers, and share what you've seen and learned.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire is free to get in, and a great way to spend a day out with your family.

Still not quite sure what to expect? Here's a short video from last year.
And some photos: photo one and photo two by Adactio, and photo three by Rain Rabbit

For more information, including details on how to book a workshop, and more on the After Dark party, go to: http://www.makerfairebrighton.com

See you there!


I can't wait. gutted i missed the last one (some aweful family commitment)

If Simpo' is still in Brighton please invite him.


I shall be there with some friends exhibiting a whole range of small projects. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Jelly and Marshmallows will be there showing that high voltages and water do sometimes mix... along with some other toys. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Woo, Maker Faire! I will totally be there!

I'll let you know if you'll see me there :) I may be down in Sussex that weekend.

A little far for me from Manchester, Oh how i want to go though...

Oh, if my new classes didn't start the Monday after, I would *so* be there. I even know somebody who would let me stay!

I've booked my accomodation and have made over 40 balls so far, only 60+ to go. Come along and decorate your ball as your favourite super hero face or a self portrait. Sharp needle alert!

Let us know if you're planning on coming, or if you're one of the makers attending.

(And thanks for posting this, kitobor.)