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Broke a torx screwdriver in a recessed hex bolts. Removal? Answered

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So I was tinkering with the rear suspension of my new GT LTS bike, where I'm going to fit a monster 8.5x2.5 Fox RP shock in place of the standard 5.25x1 shock. When tightening it back up, I learned the meaning of "the right tool for the right job" I used a torx driver instead of a hex key, and it snapped inside. At this point, I don't know how to handle it. I've tried all unobtrusive methods that I know of. Melted hot glue, magnet, banging on the opposite side with a center punch and hammer.. nothing freed it. Problem is it's twisted, and that's holding it in. I figured i'd ask the pros for advice. Picture attached. I'm thinking I may have to drill it out, tap it with a left hand thread, screw that in, and screw the messed up bolt out. Then my only problem is finding a replacement.

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Sandisk1duo (author)2008-12-14

take a drill and drill a hole through the center of the torx

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Lftndbt (author)2008-12-08

Got a sharp tip nail punch, as in the pointed type for marking etc? Try tapping the torx bit and see if you can crack it again through its length.

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