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Broken 42inch screen smashed with a hammer Answered

All screens inside the plasma are broken i need to know where to buy the screens, What the screens are? and how to fix it, if anyone can help ill be grateful, the tv is a 42 inch plasma pannasonic, (got smashed with a hammer)


Pictures please. We need pictures so we can get a better idea what it is, not so we can make fun of you... *cough* You may want to just buy a new TV. It will be cheaper and easier to do.

How did it get smashed is my question.

Probably the best luck you're going to have it to find the exact model tv on ebay or somewhere that is damaged in some way other than the screens and replace them that way. Are you sure that there are none of the electronics inside damaged? The way tv prices have come down you can probably buy a new tv the same size for what the price of the replacement parts are.

As with most household goods replacement parts are more expensive than the whole unit itself. I have known people who suffer this to buy another tv exactly like the one they bust and then tell the shop it was damaged in the box, or get house insurance to cover for accidental damage. But I'm quite certain you won't get a replacement screen, or fix it in easy. Gutted for ya, mate.