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Broken DS Answered

First of all, I'm not english speaker. Sorry for my errors. Well, I have a little sister. She borrowed me my Nintendo DS and... look the results. Maybe I can ¿fix? it with glue, but I don't want to glue the R button by error. And I don't know if it will broke later. And I don't want to call nintendo and lost 50 euros. Now is broken, maybe I can try something different with the console. Any idea?


Try searching eBay for DS shell. They are cheap and most come with the triwing driver needed to open it. Have a look on youtube for DS dismantal videos. I can swap a shell in about 25 minutes.


10 years ago

DS's cost...€107 Thats much. Bring it back to where you bought it, they might fix it, for the sake of about €10

Hi, the same has happened to my daughters, I bought a new shell but do not know how to separate the top from the bottom, it is attached by a ribbon(which looks important). If anyone can help me i would be grateful.

that ribbon is probably the thing that connects to the screen and speakers, and whatever else is on top. i dont have one to look at so i dont know what all is up there.

"Mom she broke my DS, make her buy me a new one!" i dont know. you could glue it, but the R button would be kind of tricky. maybe glue the part where the plastic is flat, around the crack. i have no other way of describing that, sorry. you could just leave it, even though it looks really bad and will get more dirt and dust and crap in it. as for modding it, im not really sure. never looked inside of a DS.

hehe, good idea, but I've tried it, and instead of making her buying me a new one, she have gifted to her a black DS ...

As Viron suggests, you should try Acetone (nail pollish remover) if the case is acrylic based or Methylene Chloride for many other plasics. Another product I've found very effective is called Plastruct(T) Plastic Weld, available at hobby shops. Disassemble the case and carefully test with the different solvents on an inside surface. The proper solvent will make the plastic sticky with a tiny drop applied. Once you've determined the best solvent, take you time and fuse the pieces together back to their original shapes by applying the solvent to one surface before connecting the other. Hold the pieces for about 30 seconds until set. When your done, let the pieces set for 4 to 8 hours before reconstructing the case.


10 years ago

Try just one drop of nail polish remover on the crack surface of the loose piece... and quickly stick it back on. It might just quickly totally uncrack it like it was never broken. If you have Methylene Chloride, I KNOW a drop of that will work. It fixes almost all cracked plastic things like magic.

Yeah, but now is broken, maybe I could try some different, a mod. Any idea?

Does it work? Can you turn it on and have the top screen turn on?

yes, it work. The On button is broken too, so I have to use it with my ... ¿nail?. The top screen works because the cables of the top part are in the left, but I think it will broke soon or late

well if you never find anything to do with it..scrap it for say...i dont know...500euros?