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Bucket. Light? Answered

Does the wire come in other color besides orang and how would I add a chain for western design

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-21

Hi again!

Yes, both the SPT-1 and SVT wires comes in many different colors, both plastic and cloth covered.

SPT-1: https://www.grandbrass.com/category/wire-wire_on_...

SVT: https://www.grandbrass.com/category/wire-wire_on_...

In order to add chain to your bucket pendant, you will have to use a different hole size, socket, cord, and hardware than I did for the Waste Basket Pendant. It will be more like wiring the SPT-1 practice set that we did in Lessons 4-7.

I would recommend using SPT-1 lamp cord and the following hardware:

- a loop with 1/8IP male thread (nickel, brass, black, antique brass)
- (x2) lock washers
- (x2) washers
- metal cap and shell socket (keyless or pull chain)
- line switch (if using keyless socket - black, white, cream, gold, clear)
- chain

NOTE: You will need either two heavy duty sets of standard pliers, or a set of chain pliers in order to open and close the chain, attaching it to the loop.

Use a size 25/64 drill bit to drill a hole in the top, center of the bucket and assemble the hardware in the order outlined in my attached quick sketch.

I hope this was helpful!

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