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Bug Report, 403 error when clicking image Answered

I get a 403 error when I click an image in the comment here:
and then click the image again after it has been brought into focus and the surrounding has been dimmed.

If you can't get this error to repeat, let me know.

Good luck, Awesome-aniac



I can click the image once and the background has been darkened, then if I click again I get a 403 Error. I would think that either the server hasn't synced up yet or the author had some problems when uploading the image.

Sorry about the ambiguity, I was in a hurry.
Requirements for the error:
1. Occurs with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer(presumably all browsers)
2. Occurs with Windows and Linux (presumably all operating systems x86 & x64)
3. Only tested with PRO membership

Error goes to here:
as shown in attached image.

This will be enough to replicate and fix the error.
Again, good luck. Let me know of you still can't replicate it.

I can't get it to repeat.

The bug-fixers will need to know what browser and operating system you are using, and would probably appreciate a screen-shot as well.