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Build a Remote Controlled Car Heater? Answered

I have a car that I want to warm up in the winter.
However, installing a remote starter is expensive and complicated since its a VW.

Is there a way I could rig up a remote controlled heater inside of it that runs from the cigarette lighter?

If I am posting in the wrong place, please tell me.


I don't know what you guys are looking for and where but if it is just getting the engine running without getting to the car first, a simple timer will do with some relais and the spare key for the immobilizer.

I suggested a haeting system as it is the most vital option and does not put stress on an cold engine.

As most countries now have laws against running cars with noone in it a remote start is only an option for some people.

If it what you want a simple system suitable for VW goes for under 100 bucks.

http://www.andysautosport.com/products/pyle__PWD30... Details

Or with more comfort and good remote for under 200 bucks.

http://www.andysautosport.com/products/pyle__PWD30... Details

Mind you I am neither advertising here nor promoting (no relation to the shop at all) - I just took the first hit from a Google search in regards to Volkswagen and remote start.
Maybe I should write an Instructable on how to use Google for searches ? LOL ;)

you might want a second battery for the extra power demand. otherwise the engine may not start.

Usually not an issue as only a little fan or for bigger systems a small water pump (to heat the engine as well) is running on the battery.

All proper comercial systems also include undervoltage protection for the battery.
Had one running in an old Beetle with a tiny battery and never a problem in the cold winters.

Fan is only running for about 15 to 20 minutes anyway.


from what i see, the webastos burn fuel, and cost $800 used to $5000 new. anything cheaper+ simpler?

http://m.frontgate.com/products/483052?path=~x~&SourceCode=ZZ51120&cm_mmc=Comparison%2520Shopping-_-Google%2520Product%2520Listings-_-NA-_-NA&intlShippingCtx=US%257cUSD&mr%3AtrackingCode=4B591566-0A30-E211-96D6-BC305BEDEAD8&mr%3AreferralID=NA&mr%3Adevice=t&mr%3AadType=pla&mr%3Aad=55961493329&mr%3Akeyword=&mr%3Amatch=&mr%3Afilter=92208343529&gclid=Cj0KEQiAhvujBRDUpomG5cq_mI0BEiQA7TYq-kK3dluzCtrTu-CllQjm5jAmiQ-DBvA5OQ-SP0MI1fAaAtYv8P8HAQ found one. has its own battery, timer, and remote. 400 watts. about $200.

There are plenty of systems available, timer controlled for those that need it always at the sae time to get to work - and with remote control to get the car warm while you eat breakfast.

Check the Webasto website, there is plenty to choose from.

Since it is a German company quality as well as easy integration is no problem.

I had one back in the day with active remote, means the remote would show me the heater is on and how war the car already is.