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Build a fish that swims in the air without any manual control? Answered

Hey there,
My first post.
While walking by the toy store, I saw that they had a giant dolphin(filled with air) that was swimming around in air just above the head.....
so funny..a big fish swimming freely..giving you the impression that you are under water..

I could not even see if someone was controlling the motion...seemed to me that its 'altitude' and 'path' was kind of pre set and it would continue to hover until its battery ran out or something.

Is there a way to build this? like fill up a ballon (shaped like dolphin) with air, and program it with some kind of bult in controller that makes it hover...?

Thank you

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icengBest Answer (author)2011-09-12

Start with the air jelly.
And see the air penguin.
These do more then hover they traverse in 3D.


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eagles_dare13 (author)iceng2011-09-12

Thanks. I looked at it. But I am a newbie...and the links do not contain any DIY instruction :)

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verence (author)eagles_dare132011-09-13

Just in case, if you don't like helium filled stuff, they do have a flying heavier-than-air seagull too: smart bird

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iceng (author)eagles_dare132011-09-12

Some newbies are can be very handy, at 30 you could be expert at
something. The air creatures involve extremely light translucent material
like used by Dick Rutan on his round the world non stop flight.
Helium gas work, Lithium batteries, micro-motors, microprocessors,
lots of programming, a big hanger to work in ( no wind )...

I don't know of any ible that can teach you all these disciplines at one time,
but then I can't or will ever see the entire ibles web site.

Here is a site that will sell you an RC blimp, you can reverse engineer it
and make a great inscrutable on day... . . . . .   A

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Re-design (author)2011-09-13

The ones I've seen are remote controlled and filled with Helium.

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