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Building A 12 V Table Cigar lighter For My Birthday Answered

I would like to build a distinctive 12 V electric table lighter. I have a really nice cigar box to hold the works, what should I use to power the car cigar lighter assembly I'm using? I have a leftover 120 V AC to 12 V 1 A converter, or should I just use a 120 V to 12 V transformer? I'm pretty sure that the lighter would work with AC and don't know if the 1 A from the converter would be enough.
Usually in a car you get more than 12 V, more like 13 to 14 V

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NachoMahma (author)2011-02-06

.  The heating element doesn't care if it gets DC or AC (AC is measured so that it has the same heating value as the same number of volts DC).
.  As orksecurity points out, most lighters will pull substantially more than one Amp. IIRC, auto cigarette lighters pull somewhere around 10 Amps.

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orksecurity (author)2011-02-05

Those things draw a lot of current. The fuse for that circuit in the car is usually 10A at least (more often 15A, sometimes 20A), and while I don't think the lighter is quite up in that range it's probably enough to cause that 1A supply to shut down to protect itself (if you're lucky and it was designed to withstand abuse) or fry itself (if you aren't lucky).

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