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Building Wireless Camera Answered

I am trying to build a wireless camera. I have a cheap little camera and software for it to run on the computer, but I have to have it connected by the USB cable. Is there a way I can do it wirelessly? Is what I am looking for just called a wireless transmitter?


The only problem is that we want to use our current cameras, and not spend a lot of money on a new camera.

A wireless mouse sends data. It doesn't receive data. The receiver sends and receives through the USB port. There is a system similar to USB that's wireless... It's called Bluetooth.

I thought of a bluetooth earpiece or something, but would it be able to have a usb port for the camera?

No. A Bluetooth headset can only work as a headset. Bluetooth devices identify what they are to other bluetooth devices. There are a number of predefined devices that all follow the same interface rules. this makes it very easy to connect these devices. They include; Computer, Mouse, Keyboard, Mobile Phone, Printer, Headset and Other. You would have to build a Bluetooth interface to handle the Cam data, have it identify itself as "Other," write a drive to exchange the Cam data with the bluetooth device, identify that drive to video software as a "Cam" device and exchange the Cam data with the Video software. It would be so very much easier (and cheaper!) to simply broadcast the video data through any number of available wireless video devices and feed that video into any number of available USB-Video adapters.

There are various sources. A quick Google search for "Wireless Video Monitor" will find what you need for the wireless part. Another Google search for "USB video capture" finds the rest. Sorry the "link" button above is not working for me.

I spent some time looking through, but only found baby monitors and such, have you found any cheap transmitters?

But are there any jus transmitters and receivers so i don't have to pay that much?

Yes. There are just transmitters and recievers. They still require a compatible video data format which your USB Cam doesn't supply. I have a 1" cam above my garage that cost me $150US. It runs off of 5V and doesn't include a transmitter. Instead, I've got it feeding through a coaxial cable all the way to my TV (I have no windows in the front of the house). Now, the above cameras are much cheaper, include the transmitter & reciever, but I doubt if they're as rugged as my cam. It's been producing a clear, quality picture, day and night for over 5 years.

Well........Here's a long shot here. If it's going to be stationary, mounted on a wall or something, use the laser pointer thing. Instead of transmitting audio, you would have two laser pointers/solar panels one would point one way (transmit) and the other, the other way (receive). Exact same deal as fiber optics basically, you'd just have to make sure that you were "Setting" the camera up somewhere where you would obstruct the lasers, such as walking around the room. I can almost bet money this would work, it would require a amplifier to make the lasers brighter, but it wouldn't be too hard. Who thinks this could work? I'm telling you now, if I had the parts to make it, I would try it.

That's a good idea, unfortunately mine would be on a remote control car ;) The reason I cant do it with infrared either.

Oh, well in that case, there isn't any "Rf" solution or anything wireless that way as far as transmitting usb, as the signal has to be strong enough to have enough bandwith. So you're gonna need to use a anologue camera with single video output.

I am trying to do the same thing. There are 4 wires in a usb cord, two power and two data, the power can use a battery, but i just need an idea on how to transmit two data signals.

Maybe just make fm transmiter you can find schemes all over internet. :)

To the best of my knowledge.... USB data lines work in tandem unlike something like a serial port that uses hi/lo logic with common grounds.... I, of course, could be wrong and if I am - please show me. That's a pretty slick idea if it's possible :)

I think you are right. :) Just might be easer to buy Wireless pinhole camera at ebay and use TV tuner (becouse it have TV in) for capturing video. :)

Or maybe you can make one by yourself ;D i think i would be little hard...

If the data were unidirectional it might be an easy process. It isn't though. The USB interface has to communicate bidirectionally with the computer. If you were to separate the video and communications portions in the camera, you should be able to connect the two with a simple RF or IR device.