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Building a TARDIS... Doctor Who. Answered

My friend George and I suddenly decided yesterday that we'd really love to build a TARDIS.

Considering this thing is 8+ feet tall, and we'd like it to be portable... does anyone have any suggestions for materials? I think more than anything I just need to go to Home Depot and look for supplies.

Any brainstorming help will be appreciated. :D

Oh, and if you don't know what a TARDIS is... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARDIS

Or, see below. The TARDIS pictured with the ever lovely David Tennant. :D

P.S. I'm not starting on this until the Robot Plushie instructables is up, which will be by Saturday night, if not sooner. :)


My husband and I are planning on building our own tardis when we get back to the states, we will be following the directions though off of: http://www.blueboxproject.com/

Hope this helps anyone in the future that wants to build their own :D

WAIT! Did you say back to the states? Does that mean you, like me, are one of the rare American Dr. Who fan?

Not true. I know a lot of American people who are Doctor Who fans. Most of them being teenagers. Most of them being recruted by me :)

Rubbish. I'm American and I am neither a teen nor one of your recruits. I am the same age as Paul McGann.

LOL yessss we are few and far in-between. Not enough Americans enjoy the WHO but I am hoping that I can get more people hooked :)

Im an American Teenager! even Rarer!!! lol
ive gota bout 5 friends at school who have seen the episodes!

I am an American teenager 2. The only person i personally know is my friend who is a sic-fi geek (like me) who I told about Doctor who.

lol i know how you feel i am one of the only people who knows about doctor who at my school and yes i am American

ME 2!!!!! me and my friend watch doctor who in first period as much as possable.

lol. nice.
4/5 i told.
the 5th was my bf... he already knew about it and had been keeping up with it.

I love Doctor Who
Honestly, David Tennant is the best of them yet......

David Tennant is the best. Judging by the commercials I've seen on BBC it looks like Doctor Who is taking a visit to America this spring.

Make sure you take plenty of pictures and post an instructable.

Use the same materials that the original uses - plywood and 2x1 timber.

The "real" Tardis really is just a wooden box, and it even wobbles when they slam the doors.

One fan-build:

Another fan-build:

One thing i would like to point out is if you use to much plywood for the TARDIS it may turn out like Tom Bakers TARDIS (All respects and all) and it was a little shaky.

In the first video they forgot the phone on the side...

i am from mexico i am a dotor who fan! soy de mexico y soy un gran fan de "el docor" hay alguien mas de mexico que sea fan?

A few years back I tried building the TARDIS - not the outside, but rather the control console. It wasn't very sturdy - I was 14 at the time and all I had on me to build with was poster board, which sucked because I couldn't do much with it and it warped during the more humid months. It also was made in the style of the old series, which was perfectly fine but I would have proffered the new series console better. Never finished it though. Ah, well, maybe one day I can get around to something made from actual wood! 

Anyways, good luck on your projects! 

I want to build a garden shed, and the space that I want to put it is just the right size for a TARDIS. My husband and I are discussing options.....

If we only knew how to make it bigger on the inside.... :)

A hidden door through your neighbour's hedge?

Hee hee hee! It is a stone block retaining wall, so I don't think that will work so well, but great idea!

~~~~~~ Hi ! Michelle.....when did you get here ? And welcome ! Yes, you must publish an Ible if you make that....please please ?

I just found instructables two days ago, when looking for plans to make rain barrels. I've been having a lot of fun checking out what people can do. If we go through with it, we will for sure document the whole process and do an ible. :D

Ah, I was kind of hoping I had some infuence....oh well, I have been trying to get people I know to come here, but only a few have, and fewer yet have gone "pro"... I've been here a number of years, having found it through the online version of MAKE magazine (www.makezine.com) some of the things from here get published in the magazine, and vise versa. It's nice to see a familiar face though, thanks for comming no matter the reason :-)

i SOOO know what i would use this for

In response to the OP, from the base to the top of the light fitting is 10 feet.

Recommended construction materials for portability: Styrocard (as used in advertising). If you want more duability, even the lightest plywood will be a substantial leap in weight.

Errors in scripts indicate that such police boxes were used by public to detain the "who dunnit" until police arrived. Blue-prints make it clear that these boxes, like their modern counterparts, were actually mini-stations with the phone being available when the box was un-manned.

Why don't you use some form of light wood? Plywood and MDF would work alright. You just would need the facilities to cut them, shape them etc. Maybe you could in fact start by making a miniature one and seeing what you would need?

Oh, whoops, I though you had replied to my previous cloth TARDIS post. So what I took from that is to make a wooden frame. :P

That's what I was thinking - scaling it down at first would be good! And with wood, I could add hinges to make it collapsible. That would work really well!

Since this thread has resurfaced, have you gotten anywhere with it?

I'm afraid this was one of those late night slightly tipsy ideas that never came to much of anything. I did a ton of research, and we nerded out appropriately for a few weeks planning it, and then nothing. I was considering making a metal frame and doing in out of cloth, though. I think that's a brilliant idea!

Sort of treating it as a tent, I suppose. I know that you can buy tent rods online, though I wonder how I could get them to the shape I need. Or, I could build all the sides and the top individually, and make cloth covers for them and piece them together somehow. I wonder how thin plumbing pipes would work? This might just need to be my next big project. Though right now I have three - the Tardis, a mermaid costume, and a book headboard. Aww jeez. Too many ideas and too little time. :P

Too many ideas and too little time.

The sign of a true Maker?

My friend and I were discussing something similar in the pub this afternoon. Simply, you buy a pitch at a large music festival and erect cloth cubicles. Charge people, maybe a pound for 5 minutes use. Making these look like Tardii is an interesting twist. there's nothing in there just your own personal space for 5 min
What do you think?


That's a great idea and I'm sure people would enjoy it. Now to work out the details!

i plan to build one of these later this year

Did I say too much?

Deleted comment so I didn't spoil the ending... You think it's going to be happy and all, but no. Never ever.

I'm gathering that from the show. My friend George is so mad that I haven't finished season three because she wants to talk about the end of it so bad. :P

It's making me mad too! I really really want to say what happens to Donna, but if I do, you'll cry. I almost cried. Almost. (okay, just a little)

I finished season three, and then realized you were talking about the end of season four. I kept waiting for Donna to show up and she didn't. :P The season three finale didn't make me cry, though, so yay for that!

Oops, I got season three and four mixed up... Season three had an awesome ending! Especially since you find out that Captain Jack is the Face Of Boe.