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Building a bin for my records, need help with measurements Answered

Hey everyone, I was planning on building myself (and most likely posting something on here about it) a bin to hold my records and replace the little closet-maid shelf I have from Target.


Something similar to this store's shelving is what Im going for rather than a bookshelf type one.

Im not very good at picking materials or factoring the size of lumber into things, this is only my second wood working project and a little more complicated than the craft table I built.

So anyways, what I want to do is have it be 20" high and 16" deep. Width is trickier because I need to calculate the wood + 3 rows that will hold be 12.5" wide to hold the records.

What materials would you guys recommend for something like that? I see they used plywood on one of the ones in the pictures, but the other looks like MDF or something and is routed out so the separators just slide in.

Is there a free program that would help out in this kind of thing (predefined wood widths and all that and something a little easier to use than SketchUp maybe?)

Anyway, Ive tried to draw it out about 3 times and keep messing it up, so I figured I'd ask here.

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kelseymh (author)2008-11-22

It sounds like you've already got a good idea of what you want to construct, you're just a bit shaky on dimensions. Sketch what you want (on real, physical paper :-), showing thicknesses for the wood. Go down to Home Depot, or your favorite independent hardware/lumber shop. Measure the 1"x{whatever} wood they have, and mark it down on your drawing. Now you can add up the dimensions and see what you really need to make the project work. I know that's not as easy as having software do it for you... It will, however, give you a good idea of how "dimensional lumber" maps to reality.

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NachoMahma (author)2008-11-22

. Notice that there is a 2x4 frame on the bottom. Probably a 2x4 down the middle of each section. For the bottom, front, and back I would stick with solid wood or high-grade plywood. For the sides and dividers, just about anything will work. . Forget nails. Glue all joints and use lots of screws. . LPs are pretty dense. Get a bunch of them together and they weigh more than most ppl think. It's almost impossible to make a record bin/rack/shelf too sturdy.

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caitlinsdad (author)2008-11-22

You would probably want to make the outsides of your "crate" with 3/4" thick plywood like in the picture. You could probably use a little thinner 1/2" plywood for the dividers. You can substitute MDF but it looks like a better grade plywood with finer grain used as the dividers. It doesn't look like there are grooves routed into the inside front and back to create slots for the dividers. Strips of plywood are nailed, screwed or glued on the sides forming the slot to fit the divider. A piece also reinforces the corner. That said, 3/4" and 1/2" ply are actually a tiny bit thinner than what they are sold as but for your purposes a little slack works because you don't want a tight fit for your record albums. Choice of MDF or plywood is your preference for finishing it and cost where available. For the width do this in inches: (3/4" side)(12 3/4" record)(1/2" divider) (12 3/4" record)(1/2" divider)(12 3/4" record)(3/4" side) add to give you the total width. I've added a 1/4 inch to the record size to freely pull out the records. You might want to actually lay out the pieces to test fit before you build. You could also put a 1x4 piece of lumber as a "bar" divider instead of the plywood or MDF but it will be 3/4" thick. Good luck.

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