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Building a cantenna - choice of coaxial cables? Answered

My goal is to build a cantenna to receive WiFi signal, and transmit it via the coaxial cable to bypass a thick wall in my house, and broadcast it through an antenna in the destination room.

For those who don't know what a cantenna is, take a look here:


I read a few other tutorials like the one above, and the only thing I'm not sure is what kind of coaxial cable I should use.

For example, I found this one on ebay:


Would this RP-SMA type work for my application? 

Also if I attach an antenna at the end of the coaxial cable, assume I have good impedance matching, how good would the signal be when I broadcast it in the room?

Thanks for your response! 


Make sure its "characteristic impedance" is 50Ohm.


Any shielded coaxial cable will do.