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Building a computer. Answered

Hi :D
My old computer has died and I'm planning on just ripping it apart and salvaging bits and bobs for a new build, Here's my plan:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Desktop Processor E8600
Graphics card: GeForce 9800 GX2
WiFi card: some brand, i haven't researched yet
Case: Jeantech JNR-105 Luna ATX
My main problem is i cant decide on which Motherboard... do motherboards come with their own power supply? I think a 500 watt power supply would be more suited than the current 300 watt. which leads me to another question, can people recommend cooling options? (not water cooling though, i dont trust it enough to have hundreds of pounds of hardware surrounded by water)


Yeppers :) Vista i have. and thanks for all that great info! I was thinking, im sure i'll have a spare PCI slot, maybe buy a nice plug in fan? Basically, my aim is to make a rig that is able to play Crysis on the very high quality settings, without sacrificing in game performance, i ndont want to dual boot too graphics cards, do you think the nvidia 9800 GX2 will have the power to do such a thing?

Also i believe the geforce 9800 GX2 is a dual gpu card

I am a little out of the loop regarding Crysis and the latest generation of high-end graphics cards, I've had this motherboard/graphics card a year and they were low-end then, but judging by how much people rave about that card it should have no problems with Crysis. Your idea of a PCI slot fan is good- with that much hardware your case will need some serious ventilation, not just the components.


9 years ago

Motherboards usually don't come with power supplies, but some cases do. If they don't power supplies are fairly cheap and you can get one of the exact wattage you want, rather than being stuck with the one that came with your case.

500W will not be enough for a Geforce 9800 GX2. From LegitReviews:

The minimum recommend PSU for the NVIDA GeForce 9800 GX2 is 580 watts. You should use a higher rated power supply if your system has power hungry CPUs, hard drives and other devices.

I would suggest at the least a 700W PSU, preferably 800W or higher. Remember budget ones will usually be noisier and possibly hotter than premium ones, which you will have to decide whether it is an issue for you.

As far as cooling goes, unless you want to shell out for serious kit I recommend you stick with the cooler that comes with your processor- you know it can deal with the heat generated and if your CPU overheats you will not have voided the warranty as using third party coolers will. Aftermarket coolers are often large, unusual shapes and may not fit your particular setup, which I can't tell from just part numbers. If you are determined to get an aftermarket cooler, you may have to put together the rest of the system and measure how much free space you have in the case, to determine which coolers will fit.

Water cooling is not much of a safety risk, I don't know anyone who has had a flood or even a serious leak with water cooling. It is expensive, more involved and needs maintenance that air cooling doesn't, but if the only thing you are concerned about is the presence of water, it isn't much of a risk.

Finally, I hope you have Vista- XP isn't capable of using 4GB of RAM so you'd be wasting some of your physical memory.

PKM can you remember what the max useful ram for XP is, is it 2gb or 2.5Gb... I'm thinking of going up to 4GB and swapping OS but maybe not to vista...

I think the short answer is "It depends on your hardware". 32 bit XP's address space is 4GiB, from which it has to subtract the address space of the hardware it is using (including graphics card memory etc) and devote the rest to main memory- I think 3 to 3.5GiB s a decent estimate. It can certainly make use of RAM above 2GiB, just not necessarily all of it.

Jooooooiin uusssssssss........

That's exactly why I'm buying another HDD... Making this one a slave though, since it's full of stuff and adding a dual boot...