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Building a sun panel from beer cans Answered

I stumbled across this sun panel made from beer cans. It's in Swedish and I'm not sure if it's been posted here before. But if you haven't seen it before please check it out.


I've mailed the guy that made it and if I can get his permission I'll translate the instructions and post it here.



I wonder how painting the inside of the can would affect performance?


On most of the research I've seen on these I don't know of any that painted the inside of the cans. I personally don't think that it would improve performance, in fact I think it might hinder it. The paint on the inside would block some of the heat from transfering to the air. I could be wrong but I would have to see the results. I did see on youtube where a guy placed unpainted tubes of cans inside painted downspouts and he gained a noted increase in heat output, due to the amount of air/surface contact. I'll see if I can find it and post a link for others to see for themselves.

There are a few ibles useing pop cans for a solar heater. It uses heat convection to move the air and I've done a little research onlne and they can produce heat if done properly. I've been thinking about makeing one for a while now, and when I do I will try to make it a ible. Just one of many projects on the back burner...

Nice reuse of beer cans to make the long aluminum tubes. It looks like something to be a supplemental heater for the house but I don't think using air as the solar heatsink medium is the most efficient. It's a forced air heater but I think most solar systems use something with a big thermal mass to retain heat and then transfer it to the living space.