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Burning Questions Indeed!!!!! Answered

Do you have burning questions,about sooooo many things well it is time to find out their answers with alittle help from me...............But before you get the answers you have to do little effort,consider it a small quiz...believe we will have alot of fun with this!!!!!!!!! READY.............. 1.why do we feel sleepy after abig meal? 2.why does the sky look blue? 3.why do we feel cold after leaving the pool? 4.why does the sun look yellow? 5.why the eearth cools off in winter when there is global warming? 6.do you think the first landing on the moon was real,why? 7.do you think in 2045 people will use horses and donkeys to travel when oil finishes? PLZ REPLY SOOOOOOOOOOOOON !!! GOOD LUCK BALKEES


I don't know if I really like that cat or if it scares me . 1: PKM 2: both diffusion of light and radiation hitting oxygen " gives off that pretty blue , just check out any nuclear reactor ." 3:PKM 4:PKM 5:PKM ,not only all of the below but, you can have a few cold years and still have global warming . 6:Oh , please I watched it live on TV . You get enough chickens in one room and they can't image how people with courage and imagination can accomplish stuff . That's why they still do shows about aliens and crop circles ten years after the people making them admitted it . Oh , it had to be aliens that built the pyramids too ,hard work with simple tools and willing people have done amazing things . It is like this site people with imagination and a little hard work actually make stuff . There are plenty of people out there saying you really didn't do that , what they mean is they'd never even try . 7:What will probably happen is as the price of oil goes up other forms of energy will become more cost effective ,so even barring some break though there will be more wind , solar , water and other energy used . While riding animals are a fun pass time it isn't very efficient . Check out the "facts" you need several sources and not just ones that agree with you and you can still be wrong .

1: In addition to PKM's answer, some foods also contain various chemicals that act as mild sedatives.
2: Diffusion of light.
3:See PKM's answer-evaporation is an endothermic process, meaning that it absorbs energy. That's how swamp coolers work.
4: Again, PKM got it first.
5: As PKM said, global warming is a gradual rise in average global temperature. Many people don't seem to realize that this also means temperature and weather extremes (cold areas get colder, warm areas get warmer), but overall, the average temperature rises. In the winter, the air is cooler because the sunlight is less direct, so less energy hits a given area.
6: Yes. There is no plausible evidence that it was faked. I watched Fox's special when it originally aired, and I could debunk every bit of evidence they gave. I was in third grade at the time. Here's the best debunking I've seen, meaning I don't have to type as much.
7: I sure hope not. I've seen figures that as many as 15,000 dead horses were scraped off the streets of New York City in a year at the height of horse travel. "Beasts of burden" are lousy when it comes to being green-they require huge amounts of food, and leave piles of dung everywhere. If we replaced every car with a horse, we couldn't walk for all the horse poop.

IDK about anywhere else, but there are a lot of horse-drawn carriages around Prague (a delightful city, I recommend going if you get the chance) which have these kind of funnel/coal-scuttle shaped things hanging on the.. traces? The bit-that-connects-horse-and-carriage directly below the horse's "exhaust port", meaning you can have horses and clean roads at the same time. You could even use the dung for making poo sticks!

But I agree, keeping horses in cities is never going to work out that well. From now on we will all travel in tubes...


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3) Water conducts away body heat 25 or 30 times as efficiently as air. Some people die of hypothermia in 80 degree (Fahr) water....although it takes a couple days. You feel cold because you are cold(er.)

Well PKM answered most of them but for 7, I imagine bikes and elctric vehicles would be the main constituents of traffic, especially since some places are already like that...


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1: Your body is using a lot of energy to digest the food, and your liver is storing food causing your blood sugar to drop 2: Oh you know this, shorter wavelengths of light are refracted more by the dust in the atmosphere which makes it look blue 3: Water is evaporating off your skin which takes heat energy, making your skin cold 4: Blue light is scattered more so more yellow light makes it straight to your eye, so the sun looks yellow 5: A gross simplification of global warming is that it raises the average temperature, but there will stilll be hot summers (slightly more hot) and cold winters (slightly less cold) 6: Yes, because I haven't seen a convincing argument otherwise 7: Possibly, personally I hope they are using a mix of human power, renewably generated electric, and sustainably produced biofuels, but hey, I'm an optimist.