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Burning questions...Do you konw thier answers??? jion to view the questions Answered

This is a small game to all of you... i will ask you burning questions about regualar stuff,and see who answers them first READY........................................................... 1.why is the sky blue? 2.why is the sun yellow? 3.why some people eat alot and dont get fat? 4.why do you feel sleepy after eating a big meal? 5.why does winter get colder with the abscene of global warming? 6.why do crocodiles cry tears after eating a prey..is it sadness or.........?? plz reply sooooooooooooooon BALKEES

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nhoja (author)2011-05-25

1. The sky is blue because that is the refractive index of water.
2. the sun is yellow because it doesn't burn hot enough to be any other color.
3. Some people don't gain weight because they have high metabolisms.
4. Sleepiness is caused by the blood supply going to the G.I. tract to digest the meal.
5. With the absence of heat everything gets colder, winters included. Global warming would indicate that the weather is getting warmer, but in the absence of warming....
6. PAIN ,... since they can't chew off bites, but they can crush their prey, i would suppose that bones scratch their throats during the swallowing process, but I must admit, i don't really know (i didn't know that they cried at all !!!) :-)
now a question for you ... What happens when a moving non-stoppable object collides with an stationary immovable object?

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knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2008-06-10

the sky is blue cause light relfects and


the sky is blue

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crazy man (author)2008-06-09

Hi you!!i have to say that these questions are so goooood..i will try to answer them soon so be waiting for me. Note:your ideas rocks ..you are so good.

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