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Buy this pulsejet so you can make your own jet bike Answered

If you want to jump into pulsejets in a big way, then here's an engine with 100-lbs of thrust for ya. Sure, you could make it yourself, but when you're racing for that Darwin Award you don't want to waste any time, right?

ebay via Gizmodo


I've always wanted to build a small airplane in the "Experimental" category the FFA has, but two things have always stood in my way: I don't have a license, and airplane engines and aviation fuel are really expensive. This, however, looks perfect for a small airplane engine, even if it is a little loud.

Thats what I was thinking, Maybe build a V-1 with a seat and manual controls

only $1200!!! you can buy a car for that much


9 years ago

I want this on my recumbent trike!!

Where I live the speed limit for bikes is 60 mph. No kidding!


9 years ago

Wow... Think how fast you cloud go

Peaked at 70mph, he said in the video.

Wow! you could break the speed limit on it

Those tires look like either balloon or semi-balloon tires....do they still sell those anywhere?


9 years ago

Oh my, that bike would look cool without the pulsejet!

Haha yea i was thinking that, you know everyone likes symmetry !! DUAL POWER VVVVVRRRRROOOOOMMMMMM

Yeah, I like the chrome heat-shield, probably a boon if you don't have asbestos-boots... L