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Buying a 3D printer? Answered

If I were to purchase a 3D printer for personal use, for things I can make for personal use, could you help me by suggesting the best one you are aware of currently, for this purpose?

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-06-28

The favorite around the Instructables/Autodesk office is the Makerbot Replicator series of printers. They are great and produce high quality prints, but are definitely spendy at $1,299 - 2,499 a pop!

My personal favorite is the Dremel Idea Builder. It's super easy to use, produces great prints, and is markedly cheaper at $899 on amazon.com. It is designed to use dremel filament only, but there are easy workarounds for using any 1.75mm PLA filament. You can also buy the printer and its filament at Home Depot, which I think is great!

I haven't met or tried RobPaige's suggested Monoprice machine, so I can't speak to it's quality, but I have no doubt that there are many good machines on the market that would be worthy of your hard earned dollars. I would suggest reading tons of consumer reviews as a back up, if you'd like to find a slightly less expensive machine.

Happy hunting!

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RobPaige (author)2017-06-28

The Monoprice maker select plus runs about $400 or so, works with common 3D printing software and arrives almost ready to use. You insert a total of six screws or so, plug in a couple of cables, and you're up and running.

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