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Bye! Answered

Me, Selez and kgb are all leaving on 1st May.



Does anyone else think it's more than just a coincidence that he left on the same day that Osama Bin Ladin was killed?

No, he wouldn't want to have an actual (though way overrated) important event overshadow his oh so important departure.

The Ironic thing is when he does come back (trust me he's young, he will) he won't be able to change his name back XD

Not anymore!

You know what, this is getting old. I guess I need to pickup my knex

I have THREE ideas for mine one is a ******** Mo*s* B** ******e.
The second a ***** ******.
The third is a new ********** design. Try to guess the first and I will unveil more letters for every word answered correctly

Wrong. It seems to be too hard. Hers more letters reveled.

******** Mou*e B**l *ac*i**

No. The *'s represent letters. I seeing if people can guess what the words are. The words are NOT "bad" words

It was a great joke while it lasted.... "Here I am today, presenting to you my knex ****. It's so huge and awesome but it only really shoots 6 feet, which is above average really."

I'm going to keep on building, whether everyone else quits or not. :-)

thats good to hear, i just have no time for knex and 99% of guns i make dont work, id rather spend my time doing something else...

Like building Ball machines? :-D

School is rather annoying in this situation but we still work around it.

It's sad that the k'nex communityt is dying... On the bright side more knex for me! >:-)

what do you mean about the knex?

you said more knex for me!

NO more knexd for me! >:-)

Everyone ragequitting isn't going to solve the problem of the dying knex community. It's ironic that the people who complain about this problem are making it worse.

Im not RAGE quiting

I don't understand, A) why you leave when you grow out of knex, and B) why you're posting an attention seeking forum topic when the attention you will receive will be worthless as you'll be gone.

It's just so you know. Otherwise everybody will be like what happened to MegaMetal8?

Why does growing out of K'NEX mean you have to leave the site?

Try another material.