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Hi Guys, Just new here...   don't know if i posted this in the right forum topic so i'm open to any corrections and guidance if you can give me  ...

I'm in my last year in Computer Engineering and one of my project proposals is the Smartphone controlled Electric Fan.
The idea is basically that i have control over the movement of the electric fan, if I want it to face left or if I want it to face right and so forth.

I have a Samsung GT-15530 phone. This is what i plan to use for this project.
I plan on making a program that can be installed into the phone, for Android of course.]
The program displays the controls to the fan.

Another function i want to put into this is that the electric fan will be able to track where the phone is (and the owner of the phone is as well) and automatically face itself towards the direction of where the phone(owner) is.

So basically:
The program displays - Left Button, Right Button, and Automatic Follow Button
Wireless medium - Bluetooth

so the question:

Can I do this on a Arduino?


Yep, THIS is the Bluetooth module you probably want. It's cheap and very easy to use. The left and right controls will be cake but the follow will be harder, entirely possible just harder.

YEs you can. Check the right hand side for related instructables on the subject.