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I am going to attempt to make an acoustic guitar and i need to bend the plywood into the bell shape and i wanted to know if i could soak it for like two days until it is soft. i know that u can do this with bamboo but i wasnt sure about normal plywood please help me and respond



Soak it in boiling water for a few minutes, this should make it bendable.

3 ways:

1. Use steam to soften the ply - this works with quite thick plies. Look up steam bending wood.
2. Use very thin layers and glue several of them together. they are naturally bendy.
3. Use a thicker ply and on the inside cut a series of shallow cuts across the bend - this will allow the wood to bend because it is essentially thinner at the cuts. called kerfing.

Actually I have made guitars and had no problem bending 3 mm ply round a chipboard former without any of the above.




I've seen this done at schools in RM ("shop") lessons - the kids use thin plywood, glue it in place and clamp caefully.

Thin stuff 1/8'' and under should bend fairly easily, possibly without steaming or soaking.

soaking will make most woods more flexible, but you need to make sure to clamp it in place well while it dries.