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i am trying to turn my membership to NOT auto-renew but it's not working. Please cancel my auto-renew


ssdragon57@hotmail.com please do not renew my membership the program was o.k. but it is not for me please do not take auto payment from my account.

If the payment method is paypal, go to paypal web site and cancel the subscription.

you need to cancel by paypal...

Like several others here I cancelled my subscription after the first month but I continue to get billed each month. I am sending yet another email to support@instructibles.com and cancel@instructables.com. I need this account canceled ASAP and I need a refund for the past months. I will be contacting my paypal account to let them know these are not autorized transactions.

Jessica Basham

Please email service@instructables.com - I'll also forward this on to the right people.

i used your sevice for one project and canceled my membership the same day.now almost a year later you rebill my card again.i demand my money be returned to my card and you stop billing me in the future.this is why people dont want to buy off the internet,its all the theives out here that make it such a bad experince.


guylin martin


please rectify this situation.i look forward to hearing from you very soon.as this is my last attempt to contact you in this matter.i have tried several times now and heard nothing from you.i will contact the better buisness bearu next.

The mail dos not work, I want to cancel my pro-membership and get refund. I am very upset that renewed my membership without notifying me first!

cancel my pro membership since october. What happened

Herremelk & regilena,

To cancel your membership email: cancel AT instructables DOT com (replace the capital letters with symbols - no spaces, and double-check your spelling!).

In the message, provide YOUR email address, YOUR username and the reason for canceling. If you need/want to request a refund, you can do so in the email.

I've emailed THREE TIMES to cancel@ and have neither a refund nor my account canceled. And yes, I typed it correctly.

Sorry to hear that. I don't know what happened there. I would suggest emailing service@ and explain the situation. They will respond to you, but if you don't hear anything within a few days you could try to PM mikeasaurus.

I have emailed them as well with no reply. I've filed a complaint with Paypal so hopefully they will take care of it for me.

I've forwarded your issue to our accounting department, please email service@instructables.com with your username and this issue. We'll resolve this as quick as possible.

canceled my membership pro since 0ctober, What happened

Send a message to "support {@} Instructables.com"

Please cancel my account and disable auto renew..

I have already sent an email to cancel@instructibles.com and support@instructibles.com without any response.

I sure did.. In the post above.. just not in the email (I had it correct where it counted). Last week I received the generic your email will be answered response and today.. I finally received a response from Mathew Dalton telling me that my account will not be charged and that the problem is a error caused by Paypal. Hoping this is correct.

I would trust what Matthew has told you. I've corresponded with him before, and he's been nothing but incredibly helpful.

Your right. He put a lot of effort into his response. He's got my faith. Thanks canuksgirl.

You're welcome. I hope everything works out, but I'm sad to see ya go.

I am paying for a membership I never requested and your system says I do not have a pro membership. You are taking money out of my account