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CD Changer? Answered

Is there a cheap to make device to grab a cd place it on one pile remove a cd from another pile inject it into a standard cd tray and then signal the computer to press a button?


I'm looking for something that can handle a stack of 100 a time at least. The tricky bit is to grab only one from the blank stack. (wtc7 if your wondering)

Oh right, you know you can buy machine that does up to 20 burns at a time, also you could possibly mod the mechanism out of a six stack changer...

Ermm, well you can use some freeware to add a CD eject shotcut, use a shortcut on a newly added button, as seen in this 'ible except you would be using a transistor or relay, also you'd need an arm mech, Maybe nick a few parts ideas from this 'ible. And use a microcontroller to move the lot of them in the right way, you could probably use some kind of output from a computer to do this.

Or considering all the complications, buy an older CD changer I have a five disc one from a few years ago, it was only £60 then and is amazing, belts out musice at simply unholy levels, for normal listening the volume knob is turned about a twelfth of the way up...