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CD Drive laser burner Answered

can i take 2 cd (CD and or DVD) burners, gut them out and take the diodes that burn the data on the cd and use it to make different art and design on wood? if so, would a single one work or do i have to mount multiple ones to get it to burn wood? and is there any difference in the diodes srength in a CD and DVD burner? and im not gonna go crazy with it and do "bad" stuff.


You maybe, maybe, could burn wood... but if you like having your eyesight, I wouldn't mess around with them. That said, the DVD is a littler safer for the reasons Big Bwana stated. There are other considerably safer methods for burning intricate designs in wood.

It's not a question of if you'll do some thing bad with it, if your not careful you will only see that laser beam twice, once in the left eye and once in the right eye... Otherwise they are about the same output power, but the DVD burner is a red laser so you can see it, and the CD burner uses a Infrared so you can't see it... So if your going to play go with the RED laser so at the very least you can see the beam, and get your self proper protective glasses or use a digital camera to look at the beam with (( you only get one set of eyes )) As to if the laser will burn wood or not, I don't know I haven't tried that but it should be in the area of about 200 to 250 mW output so I don't think there is enough power but it might cut dark plastics like trash bags ...