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CD changer in my Subaru is jammed. Can it be repaired? Answered

I have a 99 Legacy. The stock sound system is an in dash 6 CD changer w/ AM/FM and Cassette. It was modded by a previous owner to accept MP3 or other external source via, I think, the cassette circuitry. Anyways, the unit sounds fine, but it came preloaded with 6 CDs that are apparently stuck inside the unit. I'm a bit unsure as to how to proceed to remove them without causing damage. I don't really care about the CDs themselves, just to protect the unit.
Thanks in advance, Jim


The easiest way (having had to do this before), is to take some double sided tape and stick it onto something like a butter k-n-i-f-e... Then slide it carefully into the CD slot, and try and stick the CD... Then with a little maneuvering, you should be able to get CD #1 out, and hopefully that's where the jam was. Then try to shuffle the CD's and eject the remaining disks and/or continue the process like before to retrieve the remaining disks.

If the jam is in the back or an inaccessible location, then the only real way of removing it (without damage) will be to have a Pro, with some better tools to get at it. What likely happened is a disk was bounced out of its tray and is jammed on a slight angle... but most Car Audio shops have the tools, and have had this problem before that they should be able to fix it for you.

Probably you won't be able to us the CD. My wife's car has a 6 disk changer and I've replaced it twice and it needs replacing again. I've heard that this is common. The multi changers just aren't very strong.

Probably the best that can be done is take the radio out of the dash and manually unload it.  I the changer is on the top or the bottom of the radio you should be able to take off one plate then manually unload the disks.

You may be able to load one disk and just keep that one loaded.